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  • Katie Womersley

    Katie Womersley

    VP of Engineering @Buffer. I love it when you flourish.

  • Melissa Nightingale

    Melissa Nightingale

    editor of https://mfbt.ca. startup warrior since the first dotcom. partner @rawsignalgroup. top writer #management #leadership #startups

  • Kristopher Osborne

    Kristopher Osborne

    Marine Veteran turned Global Talent Leader. Helping the best talent find their dream jobs. My mission: Put people first and build companies that do the same!

  • Noah Weiss

    Noah Weiss

    VP of Product at Slack. Former SVP Product at Foursquare and Google Search PM. Stanford alum, Brooklyn born.

  • melissa mcewen

    melissa mcewen

    Software bugs + regular bugs

  • Steven Mak

    Steven Mak

    Ugly Code Cleaning Dude, Bug Magnet, and Cat Herder at Odd-e Hong Kong. I write about software development practices, and technology and society in Hong Kong.

  • John Erik Metcalf

    John Erik Metcalf

    Passionate about community & technology. Unschooled. China for 5 years; Europe for 3. Love family, biking & Austin.

  • Karen Tsui

    Karen Tsui

    Writer + Host: WheremyHeartLeads.com/ Filmaholic/ Orchestrii Orchestrator-in-Chief / Design-lover /World explorer. Written for Zolima City Mag, Culture Trip.

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